Banos has been popular with travellers for decades. It's a place where any visitor can find something fun to do.
This little town is filled with fun activities. For those into adventure travel there is rafting, hiking, climbing and mountainbiking.


Located nearby the city of Manta, Crucita is the capital of Ecuador for kitesurfing and other extreme sports. This cool little place offers hardly anything for other travellers, but extreme sport fanatics will love it here. There is one basic accommodation available in Crucita and some small restaurants where they serve fresh fish every day.

Gualaquiza is a tranquil oasis at the southern most tip of the Oriente, where the dense lush Amazon collides with the verdant sierra forests. In this quaint, proud, amiable town the rich biodiversity ranges from jungle, to forest, caves, natural waterslides, and hosts delicious temperate climate. Gualaquiza boasts the same conveniences as its northern counterpart, Macas, but adds a personal quality, the type of place where people gladly take time out of the day to help a lost stranger find their way.


Mindo is a great place to visit for many reasons. The nature is the greatest attraction for most tourists. The enormous biodiversity is known all over the world. The area around the town has the highest diversity of birdspecies in the world.

For those looking for a bit more action than birdwatching, some adventure travel activities have been developed by the community. Consider going tubing on the wild river or abseiling down into deep cliffs.


Misahualli is a fun place to visit in the middle of the rainforest. It has a great location, not too far away from Tena and easy to reach from Quito.

Don't expect any primary rainforest when you set out for a trip to this little village. Deforestation due to illegal logging and agricultural activities in the area have made this impossible.


Once an important colonial trading post in the Amazon, Tena is now the commercial center and capital of the Napo Province with a population of 19,000. The city lies 5 hours southeast of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and is surrounded by rainforest. The city is divided into two halves by the rivers Tena and Pano and connected by two bridges, one for pedestrians and one for automobiles. There are several sand and pebble beaches, as well as a number of plazas and parks for recreation.

Yantzaza is located near the river and is perfect for watersport fans. If you like kayaking or tubing, Yantzaza is the place for you.

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