each destinations of Ecuador. The city was a fun and happening place! There was a great combination of families and youth going to Pedernales to enjoy the beach, eat seafood and going out at night.

Unfortunately, Pedernales has passed its peak. Slowly but surely places like Atacames and Canoa are starting to be more prominent in the area and people have lost interest in Pedernales.

Puerto Lopez is a nice little fishing town, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. The fish market and bay area make it an important regional commercial area for fishers along the coastline. You can see all the fishermen go out to catch fish in the morning, or wake up a little later and see them come and sell their catch.


We haven't visited Salango yet...


Salinas is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Ecuadoreans. Not only does it have a nice beach, it is also a place of comfort and fun!

Young and wealthy Ecuadoreans go there during the holiday to enjoy the clubs and bars. While the more mature crowd eats in the nice seafood restaurants near the beach. Salinas can get pretty empty during off-season (especially during weekdays). Most of the apartments are owned by people from Guayaquil and Cuenca, as a place to get away from the crowd.

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