Cayambe is considered to be the cheese capital of Ecuador. If you are looking for a tasty piece of cheese (in Ecuador this is hard to find), Cayambe is a great place to go.

As soon as you get into town, you can see all the shops along the road, selling delicious cheese!


Guamote is a pleasant mountain town in the middle of the Chimborazo province. Surrounded by stunning mountains and close to national parks, Guamote is a must stop for hikers and nature fanatics.

The habitants of Guamote still live a very traditional life. The market - every thursday - shows the colorful culture at its best, on an average day Guamote is quiet or simply boring.


Otavalo is a hotspot for tourism in Ecuador. It is famous for the enormous handicraft market held every Saturday. You can buy all sorts of colourful clothing, scarfs, jewelery and hammocks for low prices. Make sure to bargain hard for your souvenirs.


Salinas is the fairtrade capital of Ecuador. The small community, just north of Guaranda, has been working on responsible tourism and various other fairtrade products for over 30 years.

Several universities, national and international have visited the little town to learn from its succes and be a part of the great experience that the people of Salinas offer their visitors.

The beautiful location of the community makes Salinas an ideal place to visit for all sorts of visitors. Whether you are interested in fairtrade, hiking, adventure sports or culture, Salinas has something in store for you.


Saquisili is a typical mountaintown in Cotopaxi. The little town sleeps almost the entire week, but on Thursday it comes alive. The big local market attracts salesmen and farmers from the entire province to sell their fruits, vegetables, meat and a lot of other things used by farmers.

The market is the heart of the town and shows you the local culture in a nutshell. Everybody shows up in their traditional clothing, which makes for a colorful sight.


Simiatug is one of the largest towns of the Bolivar province. Tucked away in the gorgeous mountain ranges it seems to have been forgotten by tourists. Simiatug is one of the few towns in Ecuador of its size that is almost entirely made up out of indigenous people. Their traditional culture, homes and clothing make Simiatug a great place to get an understanding of the Andean way of life.

The colourful market is being held every Wednesday and attracts people from the entire region. It is one of the best kept secrets of the Ecuadorean Andes.


A spectacular two-hour bus ride west from Latacunga, rolling green hills and craggy peaks surround the tiny village of Zumbahua. This backdrop creates great hiking possibilities, but Zumbahua’s true charm lies in its Saturday market, an event that brings indigenous Andeans from across the Cotopaxi region to buy and sell a plethora of goods including produce, meat, clothing, cutlery, and livestock.

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