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El Oro

El Oro is the most underestimated province of Ecuador. This beautiful province reaches from the highlands of the Andes down to the Pacific Coast and has a lot to offer to tourists. Spending time in the shrimp docks or walking around in an old colonial mining village, it is possible in El Oro.

Isla Costa Rica is a tiny little community at spitting distance from the Peruvian border. The little town is built on an island, distancing it from the busy world around it. The 60 families that occupy the island have been living there for generations. Traditionally they have been making a living as fishermen, leaving the island to fish in the mangroves and near the coast.

Facts and figures El Oro


In the north El Oro borders to Azuay and Guayas, west to The Pacific Ocean, south to Loja and Peru and east to Loja.





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