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Isla Costa Rica is a tiny little community at spitting distance from the Peruvian border. The little town is built on an island, distancing it from the busy world around it. The 60 families that occupy the island have been living there for generations. Traditionally they have been making a living as fishermen, leaving the island to fish in the mangroves and near the coast.

Isla Costa Rica isn't just a tiny island without cars, trucks or motorcycles. It is also a border town. At any given moment the island has police patrolling the beaches, making sure this little town is a safe place.

Isla Costa Rica has a lot to offer to visitors. Most travellers visit the little island to see the mangroves that surround the island. The community makes a great effort to preserve this special piece of their environment, supported by several non profit organisations. The mangroves are the home to many birdspecies, as well as fish and other wildlife. A trip through the mangroves is something to remember.

You can also visit the nearby beach, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy the ocean. The beach is not located on the same island, it is secluded and can only be visited by boat.

The community has opened its homes to visitors. With the members of the community you will be able to learn more about their culture, eating the fresh fish and enjoy the laidback way of life they are used to. If you are interested, they will let you join them on their boat in the morning and go out for a good time fishing.

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