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Atacames is the party beachtown for Ecuadoreans. During the holidays this small city fills up with young people from Quito and Santa Domingo. You will have a hard time seeing the beach, it will be that full with beachtowels.

Small beach bars fill the boulevard and blast reggae out of their speakers.

Discotecas and salsotecas are the place to be in Atacames. Prepare to dance, drink, party and have a good time!

There are a few other activities organised by local travel agencies. Walk around for a little while and look for the right place to book your activities. Prices vary as well as the quality.

If you are looking for a quiet beach, Atacames is not the best place to go. The area is filled with quiet little beachtowns which are more family oriented. Try small towns like Sua or Same if you are not up for the fiestas of Atacames.

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