La Tolita

La Tolita is a small community surrounding a harbour in the riverdelta of Rio Santiago. The habitants of La Tolita make their living by fishing and agriculture and are strongly influenced by the African culture. This is easy to recognize, not only becuase of their appearance, but also by their music, traditional clothing and religion.

The national park Cotocachi-Cayapas is te Chachis, who are trying to preserve their traditional lifestyle and haven’t integrated with the black community.La Tolita has a school and a museum and electicity is available in the village. Up to the moment of writing, running water remains unavailable.

The village has been built close to the location where a 2000 year old civilization found its origin. There are still some remainders left of this civilzation. The tempels show what the old culture used to be like. The museum of La Tolita wons a large collection of pottery that was found on near La Tolita.

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