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Los Rios

Los Rios is probably the least visited province of Ecuador. There is not even one well-known and often visited tourism attraction. This doesn't mean the province isn't worth a moment of your time. On the contrary. The rural life on the banana and coffee plantages are an interesting and important part of the Ecuadorean culture and worth a visit.

Hardly any tourists will be tempted to stop in Quevedo. It is a humid, warm, unconfortable town that is often hit by heavy rainfall and floods. Tourists will usually skip Quevedo for nicer places.

Very few tourist stop at Babahoyo to enjoy the sights. That's mainly because of the humid, hot climate conditions. Unfortunately, there is simply not that much goingon in Babahoyo for tourists to enjoy. Use Babahoyo to transfer busses or just skip the place altogether.

Events in Los Rios

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In the north Los Rios borders to Pichincha, west to Guayas and Manabi, south to Guayas and east to Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.





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