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Manabi has the best beaches of Ecuador. In the small fishingvillages of Manabi you can relax, enjoy the tranquillity and eat amazing seafood. So far there are just a few places along the coast accommodating tourists. Slowly other small fishing villages are starting to welcome travellers into their lives and showing them the great lifestyle normal to fishing villages.

Puerto Lopez is a nice little fishing town, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. The fish market and bay area make it an important regional commercial area for fishers along the coastline. You can see all the fishermen go out to catch fish in the morning, or wake up a little later and see them come and sell their catch.

Las Tunas is the place to go for the combination of catching waves and relaxing in a nice little town. The deserted white sandy beach stretches out for several kilometers. You only have to share it with the local fishermen and very few tourists.

It is amazing to see that Las Tunas is only half hour away from the bustling tourism town Puerto Lopez, but there are no tourists to be found. Las Tunas is the ideal place for people trying to get away from things and immerge in the tranquil life that this little commuity has to offer.

Canoa is an up and coming beach destination in Ecuador. Just a few years ago Canoa was a quiet little fishing village getting hardly any attention from travellers. Over the past few years it has gained populairity, especially with backpackers looking for a fun low-budget place to enjoy the beach and work on a tan.

We haven't visited Salango yet...

each destinations of Ecuador. The city was a fun and happening place! There was a great combination of families and youth going to Pedernales to enjoy the beach, eat seafood and going out at night.

Unfortunately, Pedernales has passed its peak. Slowly but surely places like Atacames and Canoa are starting to be more prominent in the area and people have lost interest in Pedernales.

Montecristi is the place where Panama hats are originally made. 

Manta is an important city for Ecuador's economy. As one of the largest cities at the coast it is a hub for goods coming from the US to Quito.

For tourists, Manta is not the favorite place to go. The beaches don't usually live up to the expectations of many visitors, just like the city itself.

Located nearby the city of Manta, Crucita is the capital of Ecuador for kitesurfing and other extreme sports. This cool little place offers hardly anything for other travellers, but extreme sport fanatics will love it here. There is one basic accommodation available in Crucita and some small restaurants where they serve fresh fish every day.

A former president of Ecuador, Sixto Duran, made Bahia de Caraquez into one of the most popular beach resorts of Ecuador back in the nineties. After building a little house there, a lot of wealthy Ecuadoreans followed.

Bahia de Caraquez is still a popular place for rich Ecuadoreans to enjoy a holiday. In many ways it is similar to Salinas near Guayaquil. Skyscrapers and apartment buildings have been built in Bahia de Caraquez 15 years ago and are usually filled with Quitenos enjoying a weekend at the coast.

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In the north Manabi borders to Esmeraldas, west to the Pacific Ocean, south to Guayas and east to Guayas, Los Rios and Pichincha.




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