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Azuay is known for its capital, Cuenca. One of the most beautiful cities in the country. People visiting Azuay unfortunately seem to forget that the province has a lot more to offer. The splendid culture and long tradition of making beautiful handicrafts seems to become forgotten.

Just a short trip away from Cuenca you find Giron,a small town known for its waterfall.

You can easily go to Giron on a daytrip from Cuenca by bus. It's an excellent way to get into the splendid cloudforests of Southern Ecuador. These parts of Ecuador are not often visited by international travellers, but have a lot to offer for those who make it out there.It's a fun and cheaptrip from Cuenca, the ride to Giron is worth your time regardles of what you will do there.

Go to the Tourism Information office in Cuenca to learn more about organised daytrips to Giron, or just get on the bus and enjoy nature!

Some thirty kilometers west of Cuenca – and 1500 meters up in elevation – lays the ethereal paramo (high Andean grassland) of Parque Nacional Cajas. Low hanging clouds and fog, windblown grassy plains, countless shimmering lagoons, and dramatic mountain peaks combine to give the chilly park an otherworldly aura.

Cuenca is one of the largest cities in Ecuador and possibly the most beautiful one. Unesco already put the old city center of Cuenca on their Cultural Heritage list, considering it an important representation of colonial architecture in Latin America.

Being in Cuenca is a treat for any traveller. Eventhough it is a large city, Cuenca won't overwhelm you with busy traffic and a hectic metropolitan atmosphere.

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In the north Azuay borders to Canar, west to Guayas, south to El Oro and Loja and east to Morona Santiago.



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