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It’s not every day that you get to see a two-time Latin Grammy award winning band playing in a bull ring but as the words “Puto” reverberated around the Plaza de Torres in Quito and the surrounding area it was clear that Molotov had arrived. Since their conception in 1995, in Mexico, the band has been anything but mainstream. Their aggressive politically inspired lyrics have opened them up as the band of choice for a politically conscious youth in Latin America. The establishment have not looked on them so kindly and the band was forced into exile in Spain after a near ban in Mexico.

It is inevitable that in coming to south america you will at some point be hauled to the dance floor to bust our some shady salsa steps. It makes me cringe to think about some of the erratic steps I've danced around Ecuador with a bevy of interesting partners. I take solace remembering a comment made by a salsa instructor: 'If the dancing is bad, it is always the mans fault'. Sorry fellas but there is truth in this. You big, strong, masculine chaps finally have the opportunity to take a firm grip and do as you like with us beautiful spinning ladies. In this wonderful world of Salsa, we will go wherever you tell us too, we need guidance, so the pressure is on. As is true in real life, we women are never wrong, so take control and dominate us.

For many, discovery is an accident. The hypothetical non-Latino steps into a Latino club in Milwaukee or Prague just for kicks or flies off to some part of Latin America and ends up going out dancing. He or she suddenly realizes with a jolt of jealousy that Salsa is no improvisational hippie dance, no arbitrary, arm-swinging, head-bopping night of rump-shaking. Salsa is sensual and hypnotic, racing with an undercurrent that urges one to dance. Yet, you need rhythm and a partner, and the more moves you know, the more fun it is.

To newbies, Salsa seems as time-honored and pan-Latin American as futball. Why else would Cali be the World Salsa Capital? Why do so many Latinos know how to dance Salsa? Why the Dominican, Cuban, Peruvian, Argentinean Salsa stars?

It is difficult to believe that less than 15 years ago, La Mariscal was a neighborhood like any other, because today it is a genuine pleasure island, where there is never a lack of nightlife, or "daylife", for that matter. Every phenomenon begins with a pioneer, though, and, in the case of La Mariscal, it was NO BAR that assumed the challenge. The bar is undoubtedly one of the few establishments that drove the explosion of multicultural activity and entertainment in this flourishing district.

The NO BAR was founded on the 10th of March, 1994 to appeal to a public that yearned for a place of fun, healthy entertainment, and dancing. The interior of NO BAR is characterized by its rustic feel. The cadence varies widely between salsa, reggaeton, latin pop, techno, hip hop, and American and European chart toppers. The DJs stand out for the perfection of their mixes and the freshness of their selections.

Montanita Wandering along the endless white sand beach and between colourful cocktail stalls, the average visitor to Montanita will fall in love with theplace immediately.

Even without its much-lauded surfing opportunities, Montanita has more than its fair share to offer holidaymakers and travellers, with its vast arrayof coastal view bars and cheap hostels, set within naturally beautiful surroundings.

Guayaquil, with its higher-than-average unemployment and crime rates, has much in common with Liverpool, the underdog of England, and likewise it has more to offer the party seeker than one might imagine.

The waterfront Malecon 2000 and other tourist areas are well-patrolled by security guards, curbing the rumours that Guayaquil is more dangerous for visitors than capital city Quito, and a night out on the town offers any number of different types of music and company.

If you´re looking for quality food served by friendly people in a relaxed atmosphere, new Vietnamese bistro Indochine may just be the place.

A stone´s throw away from Plaza Foch, Indochine stands out from rival restaurants due to its uniquely attentive approach to service.

The highly qualified staff, who have worked in various locations around the world, prepare delicious, affordable dishes and take them out to the tables themselves.


FLIRTING between men and women is not thatsimple nowadays and, well….When was it? But flirting is seemingly even more complicated today as men and womenseek easy but effective ways of meeting people. As such, approaches to flirting depend basically on two elements:“the purpose” and “the target”. These two elements always go hand in hand. Ifwe make our purpose to “hang out” with someone then if we realize they don’tfit our criteria for a relationship we can stop and let it go! And then we canbegin to look again for someone more suitable.

In this respect, Ecuadorians and foreignersare very different from one another.

Ecuadorian men and women tend to presentthemselves as Mr. Right or Miss Congeniality respectively, even when they’rejust looking to “fool around”. On the other hand, most foreigners tend to beclear about what they want. The funnything is that Ecuadorians are increasingly admitting being interested in peoplewho are clear when flirting… so then, why aren’t we clear? After all, beingclear and flirting with honesty is what really works. We have a purpose and a target, so it can’t go wrong!

Luly, Reporter, Age: 27 .-

“Recently, I met aguy. He is not Ecudorian, and is about my age. I really liked his way of flirting, and even when he was saying lots of nice things that I wasn’t listening to, I was surprised by how clear and honest he was from the very beginning and I was in the position to decide whether I was interested or not. His honesty made him more interesting to me; the more he said what he wanted from me, the more fascinated I was.His lips were attractive, his deep eyes seduced me and I just let myself be hypnotized by a fantasy of the senses! Yes, even now I can say it stillinterests me!”

Lucia, Lawyer, Age: 29.-

“This week I went dancing with my friends ata new bar. As usual, a foreign guy came up to me. He was French. At the beginning I did not like him, but then, he started telling me about his life and did not seem to be interested in me. That really caught me! I thought: Ifhe is not interested in fooling around with me, why is he spending time with me? That definitely seduced me. When the night was ending, we looked like two friends, but inside, I was very interested in him, and was wondering when he would ask me something “very indecent”. Then, in a very clear and direct way, he asked me to go to his place to have fun. Of course I said yes!

Joss, Tourist, Age: 33.-

“When I first came here, I did not know atall about how to chat up Ecuadorian women, I didn’t know what to say. But actually it wasn’t necessary for me to know. One night, I went to an exhibition at a museum and a girl asked me on a date!! That was really interesting because I wasn’t expecting it, coming from such traditional culture like the Ecuadorian.After our date, I said to her I wanted to see her again, and since then, we have been seeing each other quite often”.

Chelsea Bar

Chelsea Bar creates an ambience to set up any classic night in Quito. Upon entering, you can either take a seat outside on one of the outdoor tables, or adventure inside where you will find a plethora of comfy chairs and classy tables to sit at.

Chelsea boast over 25,000 songs, all hand selected by the in house DJH, all complete with their music videos which you can see on one of the eight screens, including an overhead projector which can expand to 6 feet across.

With parades, cries, processions and the process of urban regeneration, the city main port is ready to take centre stage for the city's biggest festival.

The classic topic "Guayaquil, warrior's" wood, he/she has transformed into the non alone hymn of the parties, but rather besides the union and the temper, characteristic of the citizens of this city.

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