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Bolivar is well-known all around the country for their amazing fair trade products like cheese and other dairy products. During Carnaval Guaranda is the place to be in Ecuador. Festivities take place in every park and home and everybody is invited.

The friendly people of the small towns welcome you into their homes and show you their interesting culture. Bolivar is an amazing area to get off the beaten track and enjoy the real Ecuadorean culture.

Salinas is the fairtrade capital of Ecuador. The small community, just north of Guaranda, has been working on responsible tourism and various other fairtrade products for over 30 years.

Several universities, national and international have visited the little town to learn from its succes and be a part of the great experience that the people of Salinas offer their visitors.

The beautiful location of the community makes Salinas an ideal place to visit for all sorts of visitors. Whether you are interested in fairtrade, hiking, adventure sports or culture, Salinas has something in store for you.

Guaranda, capital of the Bolivar province and a small city of 25,000 inhabitants, is on first impressions a typical South American colonial city.

Its steep narrow streets embrace white-washed houses and colourful shops and bars, while its smiling residents, dressed in a mixture of outfits encompassing the traditional and the modern, stop to chat to one another.

What hardly anybody knows about Guaranda is that the plaza has been designed by the most famous artist of the country, Oswaldo Guayasamin.

Simiatug is one of the largest towns of the Bolivar province. Tucked away in the gorgeous mountain ranges it seems to have been forgotten by tourists. Simiatug is one of the few towns in Ecuador of its size that is almost entirely made up out of indigenous people. Their traditional culture, homes and clothing make Simiatug a great place to get an understanding of the Andean way of life.

The colourful market is being held every Wednesday and attracts people from the entire region. It is one of the best kept secrets of the Ecuadorean Andes.

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In the north Bolivar borders to Cotopaxi, west to Guayas and Manabi, south to Guayas and east to Chimborazo.



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