Canar's main appeal is as an opportunity to visit and experience a completely non-touristy Ecuadorian mountain town one in which a visitor is not likely to see another gringo andin which locals still stare unabashedly at foreigners, who are far from a steady presence. Despite its lack of tourist services or infrastructure, Canar does make an excellent starting point for do-it-yourself tours to Ingapirca, Ecuador's most important Incan ruins,and offers lots of spectacular hiking in the green patchwork hills surrounding the town.

On Sunday mornings into early afternoon, there is a locals-centric market, which draws many indigenous peoplefrom the nearby villages of Canar province. While you won't find the scarves and craftworks that exist at other more tourist oriented markets, eating fresh fruit and watching locals haggle over furniture, sacks of beans, and cookware is nonetheless and interesting way to pass a few hours.

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In the north Cotopaxi borders to Pichincha, west to Los Rios, south to Los Rios and Tungarahua and east to Pastaza and Napo.





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