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The real Andean traditions and culture can be found in Chimborazo. With its many small villages and beautiful natural areas this province is far from being fully explored by tourists. Chimborazo is the perfect stop for tourists on their way from Quito to Cuenca.

Chunchi is a small town with not much going on for tourists. You will get a chance to stroll around Chunchi if you get on the trainride of 'El Nariz del Diablo'. You will be able to enjoy the quiet andean lifestyle for a few moments. After that, time to hop on the train again and enjoy the scenery.

Guamote is a pleasant mountain town in the middle of the Chimborazo province. Surrounded by stunning mountains and close to national parks, Guamote is a must stop for hikers and nature fanatics.

The habitants of Guamote still live a very traditional life. The market - every thursday - shows the colorful culture at its best, on an average day Guamote is quiet or simply boring.

Guargualla is situated in the center of the Chimborazo province two hours south of Riobamba. The Chimborazo province is wellknown for its traditional Andean culture and beautiful higlands.

Unfortunately most people don't make it to this beautiful area. The trainride Nariz del Diablo is usually the only impression people get from Chimborazo.

For travellers interested in getting to know the Andean region of Ecuador, Guargualla is a great place to visit. The old Andean traditions are still alive in Guargualla and it is a great starting place for some of the best hikes in the Andes.

Alausi is one of the towns you pass when riding the train ' El Nariz del Diablo'. The old station is still in use and you will be able to hop off or on the train in Alausi. Alausi is a traditional Andean town, with an interesting Andean market to visit on the day the train comes through. 

On other days Alausi slows down and becomes a sleepy town with not much to do for tourists. In the station the people of the tourist information center will try to be very helpful (only Spanish), but the fact remains: there is not much going on in Alausi, unless it's market day. 

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In the north Chimborazo borders to Tungurahua, west to Bolivar, south to Canar and east to Morona Santiago.





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