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Guamote is a pleasant mountain town in the middle of the Chimborazo province. Surrounded by stunning mountains and close to national parks, Guamote is a must stop for hikers and nature fanatics.

The habitants of Guamote still live a very traditional life. The market - every thursday - shows the colorful culture at its best, on an average day Guamote is quiet or simply boring.

If you want to kill some time in Guamote, talk to the folks of Inti Sisa. This internationally oriented non-profit is responsible for putting Guamote on the Ecuador tourist map. They organise trips to surrounding areas, offer volunteer work and built a beautiful hostel in the middle of town. Their efforts to improve living conditions for the people of Guamote are impressive.

Another huge plus for travellers: Guamote is on the track of El Nariz del Diablo, the train running from Riobamba.

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In the north Chimborazo borders to Tungurahua, west to Bolivar, south to Canar and east to Morona Santiago.





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