Guargualla is situated in the center of the Chimborazo province two hours south of Riobamba. The Chimborazo province is wellknown for its traditional Andean culture and beautiful higlands.

Unfortunately most people don't make it to this beautiful area. The trainride Nariz del Diablo is usually the only impression people get from Chimborazo.

For travellers interested in getting to know the Andean region of Ecuador, Guargualla is a great place to visit. The old Andean traditions are still alive in Guargualla and it is a great starting place for some of the best hikes in the Andes.

The natural surrounding of Guargualla makes this little town a great place to visit. The spectacular views of lakes and mountains in the mysterious Andes is the number one reason to stop at Guargualla.

Local guides (speak only Spanish) are able to show you the area for just a small fee. They are usually available upon arrival. Hikingtours in the past have been offered for one day, up to seven days. Accommodation during these hikes is arranged by the community in tents or little accommodation, especially designed for travellers.

The typical Andean culture is still very visible in Guargualla. The many traditions are still kept alive and typical food will be prepared on request (for instance guinea pig).

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In the north Chimborazo borders to Tungurahua, west to Bolivar, south to Canar and east to Morona Santiago.





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