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Imbabura is a popular tourist destination, with very popular destinations. A lot of people don't know about many of the beautiful additional responsible travel destinations in the area. Imbabura has a lot left to be discovered.

La Esperanza is a small town a few kilometers south of Ibarra. It is pleasantly tranquil spot to visit. When you are looking for a beautiful natural environment that may make you think about the French pyrenees, La Esperanza is the place for you. In La Esperanza you can enjoy the calm life a little agricultural town has to offer. The beautiful surrounding will only add to the laid-back atmosphere.

Otavalo is a hotspot for tourism in Ecuador. It is famous for the enormous handicraft market held every Saturday. You can buy all sorts of colourful clothing, scarfs, jewelery and hammocks for low prices. Make sure to bargain hard for your souvenirs.

Ibarra is the capital of Imbabura and the largest city of the province.

Ibarra has earned the nickname Ciudad Blanca (White City) during the 18th century. The city was the victim of a large epidemic and people were forced to paint their houses white to make sure the decease wouldn't spread.

The Chota Valley is a very special place in Ecuador. It is know for it´s afro-ecuadorian inhabitants. They have ´claimed´ a piece of land after being put on land as slaves by the Spaniards. 
The Chota Valley is fairly dry and doesn´t have a lot to offer to tourists, besides the interesting cultural aspect. In Ecuador the Chota Valley is very wellknown as a place where some of its best football players were born and raised.

Pimampiro is situated in the Chota Valley north of Quito. The warm and dusty Chota Valley is know in Ecuador for its interesting Afro Ecuadorean culture and traditions.
The ancestors of its current habitants were originally brought in to Ecuador in the 17th century to work as slaves on the fields in Ecuador. The Rio Chota Valley is rarely visited by travellers, even though it is one of the culturally most interesting areas of Ecuador.

Peguche is a little community close to Otavalo. It is famous for the beautiful waterfalls not too far away from the village.

A trip to the waterfalls is a great way to enjoy the beautiful nature, without going to far off the beaten track. Just take an hour walk through the countryside from Otavalo to get there.

Cotocachi is a small town, which is most known for the nearby lake and natural park. The town doesnt have a lot to offer travellers, but the huge craterlake makes for an excellent destination for hikers. The hike around the lake is pretty tough if you are not used to the altitude yet, but it is definitely worth your time if you are willing to make the effort. The hike will take anywhere between 5 and 8 hours, depending on your condition and ability to deal with the altitude.

La Chimba is a town of around 360 families located in a fertile valley, a one hour, 60 cent bus ride northeast of the city of Cayambe, within the canton of Cayambe. The valley that contains the city is situated at the northeast end of the basin that contains Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Named after Ecuador’s nearby third highest mountain, the canton contains three urban parroquias and five rural ones. La Chimba is in the parroquia of Olmedo, which was formerly known as Pesillo.

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In the north to Carchi, south Pichincha, east Sucumbios and west Esmeraldas.




From 600 meters near Guayllabamba to 4,939 meters on top of volcano Cotocachi.



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