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La Esperanza is a small town a few kilometers south of Ibarra. It is pleasantly tranquil spot to visit. When you are looking for a beautiful natural environment that may make you think about the French pyrenees, La Esperanza is the place for you. In La Esperanza you can enjoy the calm life a little agricultural town has to offer. The beautiful surrounding will only add to the laid-back atmosphere.

La Esperanza is surrounded by some other small towns which you can reach by foot in just a few hours. To get to these other towns, just follow the main road that runs through La Esperanza and continues further to other small towns. During your walk you will pass an old hacienda (old traditional farm) which is worth a little walk around. If your Spanish is adequate you can strike up a conversation with some of the people living there and get a tour of the farm. Walking back is not necessary, busses to La Esperanza and Ibarra will pass by about every 30 minutes.

From the main road in La Esperanza you can see the vulcano Imbabura (4609 meters, the province is named after the volcano). It is not an easy hike to the top of the volcano, but the views are worth it. This is a hike that is usually done by experienced hikers and can only be done when accompanied by a professional guide.

If you think you are up for the challenge, ask at Casa Aida, the local hostel of La Esperanza. The owner can provide you with a lot of information about the hike and can arrange a guide for you.

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From 600 meters near Guayllabamba to 4,939 meters on top of volcano Cotocachi.



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