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Loja has the perfect climate for a traveller. At the moment many travellers only stop in southern Vilcabamba, but other areas are getting more interest from tourists. The province is big enough to spend a few weeks, but even in a few days you will be able to see an amazing diversity in nature. From mountains to rainforest and cool lowlands, Loja has something in store for all visitors.

Saraguro is located between Cuenca and Loja. In Saraguro you will discover one of the most important indigenous centers of Ecuador. The native Saraguros still maintain their native roots through the Quichua language , traditional dress code, local construction and gastronomy.

A glorious getaway after a long journey, Vilcabamba boasts some of the best spas in Ecuador. The village is most famous as the “fountain of youth” of Ecuador, where rumors speak of lucid working inhabitants with ages over 100! While this is not exactly true, the residents of Vilcabamba age remarkably well, a pair of 90 year-old sisters roams the town’s center gossiping about the latest batch of tourists, and the entire community exudes a welcoming, tranquil, and gentle demeanor.

Loja may not have the historical alure of Cuenca, but it is an excellent alternative for those who don't like the busy touristy colonial city of Cuenca. Loja is a small city with a pretty, laidback colonial center.

Malacatos is situated near the valley of Vilcabamba south of Loja. The beautiful are of Vilcabamba is know in Ecuador for its people that supposedly are able to become very old and live healthy in the valley. Much of this has to do with the comfortable climate.

Malacatos shares the great climate and beautiful environment with Vilcabamba, but has not been overwhelmed with tourists. The little town of Malacatos offers a relaxing environment and a peek at farmlife in this great region. A visit to Malacatos is a great way to get off the beaten track, without missing out on the great things that Vilcabamba has to offer.

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In the north Loja borders to Azuay and El Oro, west to El Oro and Peru, south to Peru and east to Zamora Chinchipe.






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