Malacatos is situated near the valley of Vilcabamba south of Loja. The beautiful are of Vilcabamba is know in Ecuador for its people that supposedly are able to become very old and live healthy in the valley. Much of this has to do with the comfortable climate.

Malacatos shares the great climate and beautiful environment with Vilcabamba, but has not been overwhelmed with tourists. The little town of Malacatos offers a relaxing environment and a peek at farmlife in this great region. A visit to Malacatos is a great way to get off the beaten track, without missing out on the great things that Vilcabamba has to offer.
The area around Malatacos is filled with small farms growing mango's, cacao, banana's and other exotic crops. A hike around the area brings you through all of the fields. The friendly people of the region will invite you on their farm and show you how their crops are being grown. If you're lucky they will even let you have a taste of the fresh fruit, chocolate or coffee they are growing.

Take a bus to the little town of San Pedro, about 10 minutes in the direction of Vilcabamba. From this village you have a great view over the Vilcabamba valley and the town Vilcabamba.
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In the north Loja borders to Azuay and El Oro, west to El Oro and Peru, south to Peru and east to Zamora Chinchipe.






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