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A glorious getaway after a long journey, Vilcabamba boasts some of the best spas in Ecuador. The village is most famous as the “fountain of youth” of Ecuador, where rumors speak of lucid working inhabitants with ages over 100! While this is not exactly true, the residents of Vilcabamba age remarkably well, a pair of 90 year-old sisters roams the town’s center gossiping about the latest batch of tourists, and the entire community exudes a welcoming, tranquil, and gentle demeanor.

The legend of Vilcabamba stems from the translucent water, which cascades into the valley encompassed by the Andes Mountains, the minerals in the water feed the organic crops, creating mineral rich produce, which contribute to the vitality of Vilcabambans. You may plan on just stopping over for the night but after one day amidst the gorgeous emerald mountains hiking or horseback riding, a gallon of locally made organic horchata, or an afternoon massage, you better free up your itinerary because Vilcabamba enchants visitors into staying longer than intended.

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