Pichincha is known for it's capital, Quito. Many tourists either arrive or leave from Quito. The province has a lot of diversity. The high Andes and the beautiful cloud forest makes this a province you don't want to miss.

Only 3-4 hours drive from Quito, Puerto Quito provides a wonderful chance to visit the spectacular but tragically depleting Valle do Chocó, one of the world´s most threatened biodiversity hotspots.

Passing La Mitad Del Mundo you head west, leaving the barren hills behind you, to plunge into stunning cloud forest. The road passes Mindo and seems to float above the canopy of the vast dense forest before dropping into Puerto Quito.

The name of nearby Santo Domingo de los Colorados is a reference to the Tsachila people who paint their bodies and smear their cropped hair with a red paste made from achiote fruit. The Tsachila nation is comprised of 8 different communities, of which Chiguilpe is one.

Cayambe is considered to be the cheese capital of Ecuador. If you are looking for a tasty piece of cheese (in Ecuador this is hard to find), Cayambe is a great place to go.

As soon as you get into town, you can see all the shops along the road, selling delicious cheese!

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was founded in the 16th century on the ruins of an Inca city and stands at an altitude of 2,850 m. Despite the 1917 earthquake, the city has the best-preserved, least altered historic centre in Latin America. The monasteries of San Francisco and Santo Domingo, and the Church and Jesuit College of La Compañía, with their rich interiors, are pure examples of the 'Baroque school of Quito', which is a fusion of Spanish, Italian, Moorish, Flemish and indigenous art.

Mindo is a great place to visit for many reasons. The nature is the greatest attraction for most tourists. The enormous biodiversity is known all over the world. The area around the town has the highest diversity of birdspecies in the world.

For those looking for a bit more action than birdwatching, some adventure travel activities have been developed by the community. Consider going tubing on the wild river or abseiling down into deep cliffs.

Las Tolas is a classic self sustaining cloudforest community that exists entirely in the presence of the community members. The village itself has just one cobble main road through the centre, enclosed by the beautifully crafted houses on either side. Nearly every one has been made with wooden slates, comparable to the decking of a boat all more or less having baloneys acting as gangways. A stroll down the main street is sure to acquaint you with the wonderful closed environment of the people.

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In the north Pichincha borders to Imbabura, south to Cotopaxi and Los Rios, west to Manabi and Esmeraldas and east to Napo and Sucumbios




Quito is located on 2850 meters.



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