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The name of nearby Santo Domingo de los Colorados is a reference to the Tsachila people who paint their bodies and smear their cropped hair with a red paste made from achiote fruit. The Tsachila nation is comprised of 8 different communities, of which Chiguilpe is one.

The Tsachila are renowned as great herbalists, curanderos and shamans, and prepare a hallucinogen, ayahuasca, from the leaves of a local tree. Outside influences have threatened their unique religion and culture; they are working hard to preserve and pass on their cultural values and traditional knowledge to future generations. They maintain their own unique language as well, called Tsáfiqui, but nearly all speak Spanish as well.

Lush jungle and plantations of platanos, yucca, maize, and pineapple surround the Museo Etnografico Tsachila, a cultural center created by some of the 2500 remaining Tsachila to maintain and demonstrate their culture to the outside world. Their peaceful culture has been existing for over five centuries.

A hike through the nearby jungle offers a demonstration of various medicinal plants found in the area.

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