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Tungurahua may be the smallest province of Ecuador, but it has a lot of diversity to offer to tourists. While Banos is one of the most visited places in the country, there is a lot more to be found in Tungurahua. The highland areas are probably some of the most culturally diverse of the entire country and only rarely visited.

Banos has been popular with travellers for decades. It's a place where any visitor can find something fun to do.
This little town is filled with fun activities. For those into adventure travel there is rafting, hiking, climbing and mountainbiking.

Salasaca is a fairly traditional Andean town, easlily located in the mountains of Tungurahua. It has been at some risk during the volcano eruptions over the last decades, but the people are resillient and happy to greet outsiders in their village.

If you are done with the busy touristy vibe in Banos, Pelileo would be an excellent next stop. Just enjoy the pleasant climate in this peaceful countryside town and rest in Pelileo before you continue on to your next stop. When you drive through it, you will notice a lot of jeans stores along the main road in Pelileo.

Ambato is known amongst Ecuadoreans as 'El Culo del Mundo' (translation would be too explicit for this guide). This negative way of looking at Ambato is not deserved by the town. It may not become the highlight of your trip in Ecuador, but it is a pleasant stop for a day or two.

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In the north Tungurahua borders to Cotopaxi and Napo, west to Cotopaxi and Bolivar, south to Chimborazo and Morona Santiago and east to Morona Santiago.





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