Ambato is known amongst Ecuadoreans as 'El Culo del Mundo' (translation would be too explicit for this guide). This negative way of looking at Ambato is not deserved by the town. It may not become the highlight of your trip in Ecuador, but it is a pleasant stop for a day or two.

The capital of Tungurahua province is a nice place with a lot of different things to do.

In Ecuador everybody knows Ambato for their big festival, fiesta de las frutas y flores. This huge event includes performances by national artists, dances, drinking and a big colourful parade. If you are in Ecuador beginning of February you don't want to miss out on these festivities.

When there is no festival going on, Ecuadorean culture is still very present in Ambato. The city is famous for their three Juans, being writers Juan Montalvo, Juan Leon Mera and Lawyer Juan Benigno Malo. There are a few museums and parks in Ambato which can tell you moreabout their importance for Ecuador.

Get some of the nicest bread in Ecuador in Ambato. Go to the suburb called Pinllo to enjoy the pleasures of the sweet or salty breads of Ambato. If you goearly in the morning (around 7 AM), you can see how they make it. Many bakeries have tried to copy Pinllo's bread, but the secret still stays preserved!

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In the north Tungurahua borders to Cotopaxi and Napo, west to Cotopaxi and Bolivar, south to Chimborazo and Morona Santiago and east to Morona Santiago.





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