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Gualaquiza is a tranquil oasis at the southern most tip of the Oriente, where the dense lush Amazon collides with the verdant sierra forests. In this quaint, proud, amiable town the rich biodiversity ranges from jungle, to forest, caves, natural waterslides, and hosts delicious temperate climate. Gualaquiza boasts the same conveniences as its northern counterpart, Macas, but adds a personal quality, the type of place where people gladly take time out of the day to help a lost stranger find their way.

The activities rival that of Macas, experienced personableguides for a much fairer price than Macas (typically $20 for two full dayhikes/activities), immerse their new friends in the cultural and ecologicalsplendors of their jungle. Most important to the people of this town is not thedollar earned but the positive experience of its visitors. If you do not leavewith a smile on your face, a camera full of pictures, and a satisfied palette,it will become the personal mission of everyone in town to rectify the issue.

For adventure travel options you can consider:

  • Wild water rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Abseiling

There are some interesting small Shuar villages to visit in the area as well. The local people will tell you more about their culture, and will show you around the forest to tell you more about medicinal plants and other ways they have been using the forest as a resource for several generations.

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