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Situated an hour South-East of Tena, Sinchipura is an idyllic 30 people strong community sitting beside the River Napo deep in the Amazon jungle. Away from any town, cars and general noise the place is a model of how people live with the environment that they are given.

The people are very friendly and treat you as a member of their family whilst you are there. They are also very helpful and are only too happy to talk to you about their lifestyles at any point of the day. Essentially, you learn the Amazon jungle way of life.

It is one of the most safe and tranquil spots in Ecuador that will leave you feeling complete and satisfied.

At $25 per day, which includes your three daily meals and accommodation there are a plethora of activates to do.

The most popular is a tour through the jungle where your guide (only Spanish or Quichua)where you learn the secrets of the jungle. More or less everything you see is used as building material, medicine or food. It is an excellent tour which lasts for a couple of hours over streams and through the dense thicket where you see the traditional traps that have been usedover the decades.

Other activities include fishing and gold digging (depending on the water mark) in the river Napo, learning to dance the Quichua way, learning to make jewellery only using the plants from the forestand for you dare devils the chance to take a natural drug called ‘Ayawaska’ which lets you look into the future. Yes, for an extra $10 you they will make you a shot which will send you on a ‘trip’ that will, the locals say,allow you to see your own future as if on television. You are advised to be with a friend, however.

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In the north Napo borders to Pichincha and Sucumbios, west to Pichincha and Cotopaxi, south to Pastaza and Tungarahua and east to Orellana.






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