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Pastaza is a must-see spot for tourists looking to get in touch with nature and live out an Amazon adventure. The area’s exuberant forests and large variety of animal and plant species are its principal attractions, but the Shuar culture gives you an interesting insight in local customs and life in the rainforest.

The small jungle town of Puyo is situated two hours east of Banos, three hours south of Tena, and five hours north of Macas, representing the nexus between the Northern and Southern Oriente. Remote jungle areas are accessible to the north, east and south, while to the west, Andean towns are easily reachable, making Puyo a very convenient junction for travelers.

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Events in Pastaza

Facts and figures Pastaza


In the north Pastaza borders to Napo and Orellana, west to Tungarahua, south to Morona Santiago and east to Peru.





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