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Sucumbios is famous for it's amazing biological diversity, especially in Parque Cuyabeno. The province has a lot to offer to nature lovers and people interested in Ecuadorean culture. The province is relatively unexplored, just a few places are frequently visited by tourists.

The small community of Shayari is one of the few places in Sucumbios province where tourists can go and learn about the culture of the Quichua.

The spectacular Reserva Produccion Faunistica Cuyabeno is comprised of over 6000 protected square kilometers surrounding the Rio Cuyabeno in Ecuador's northeastern corner. The flooded forest, which receives up to 4000mm of rain per year, is home to a vast array of aquatic and bird life, along with an incredible array of plant species for example the huge ceiba trees which poke up from their underwater bases, making the reserve's black water lagoons, rivers, and tributaries a truly unique sight to behold.

For most visitors, the only function of Lago Agrio (also known as Nueva Loja) is asthe gateway to the stunningly beautiful Cuyabeno Reserve. Just twenty minutes in town and its obvious why nearly all travelers only stop overnight, or even just for a few hours, enroute to Cuyabeno.

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In the north Sucumbios borders to Peru, west to Carchi and Imbabura, south to Napo and Orellana and east to Peru.




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