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Zamora Chinchipe

Zamora Chinchipe is the most southern province of Ecuador. It is an easy province to get to because of the new roads from other provinces. Zamora Chinchipe is a great place to get back to nature and enjoy rural Ecuador.

The small town at the base of the Andes is best known as the gateway to the Podocarpus National park. Aside from a petite market with an entire row dedicated to batidos and a large neon clock resting on the hillside opposite the bus depot, the town is not noteworthy.

Yantzaza is located near the river and is perfect for watersport fans. If you like kayaking or tubing, Yantzaza is the place for you.

Nangaritza is known for it's nature. It is perfect for adventurous travellers looking for extreme sports experience in Ecuador. Many tourists go to Nangaritza to go wildwater rafting or other watersports. There is also some beautiful wildlife in the surrounding forests. Birdwatchers and other wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the surrounding are of Nangaritza.

Nambija is a town with little to offer tourists but the awesome natural surroundings.The past few years this old mining town has suffered from some mudslides. Luckily it is recovering from the damages with the support of the Ecuadorean government.

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In the north Zamora Chinchipe borders to Morona Santiago, west to Chimborazo, Canar and Azuay, south and east to Peru.





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