Rainforest region in Ecuador

Macas, the capital of the Morona Santiago province, serves as a base for a plethora of ecotourism, hiking, andother adventure activities. The city itself is a bustling jungle metropolis where people from all over thep rovince venture for business. Perhaps the most attractive aspects of this somewhat sleepy town are the Catholic Church's patroness La Mama Negra and the indigenous ecotourism opportunities.

We are still looking for a chance to visit El Chaco.

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Coca isn't the type of place tourist will usually hang out. It is a fairly useful place for a stopover on a long haul through the rainforest. If you don't have to be there, leave.

For most visitors, the only function of Lago Agrio (also known as Nueva Loja) is asthe gateway to the stunningly beautiful Cuyabeno Reserve. Just twenty minutes in town and its obvious why nearly all travelers only stop overnight, or even just for a few hours, enroute to Cuyabeno.

Yantzaza is located near the river and is perfect for watersport fans. If you like kayaking or tubing, Yantzaza is the place for you.

Nangaritza is known for it's nature. It is perfect for adventurous travellers looking for extreme sports experience in Ecuador. Many tourists go to Nangaritza to go wildwater rafting or other watersports. There is also some beautiful wildlife in the surrounding forests. Birdwatchers and other wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the surrounding are of Nangaritza.

Nambija is a town with little to offer tourists but the awesome natural surroundings.The past few years this old mining town has suffered from some mudslides. Luckily it is recovering from the damages with the support of the Ecuadorean government.

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