If you are considering taking Spanish classes in Ecuador, we can only say one thing, DO IT! Learning Spanish in Ecuador will be a great experience. Of course you can also learn Spanish in your own country at an expensive school, but why don't you come over to Ecuador and learn the language here?

If you are already sure you are going to learn Spanish in Ecuador, then that's all we need to know! We are not trying to convince you to take classes at a specific school, we just offer you independent information. If you are not entirely sure at which school you would like to learn Spanish, check out our overview of Spanish schools in Ecuador. You will certainly find the right Spanish school in Ecuador for you.

While you are taking Spanish classes, you can help out at one of the many volunteering projects we offer on our website. That way you can contribute to the development of Ecuador and learn Spanish at the same time. There are several social projects in the major cities that can use your help.


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