How to pick a Spanish school

Spanish schools are abundant in Latin America. Most of them have specific characteristics which make them suit your needs better or less.

Here are some tips to make sure if a Spanish school is reliable:

  • Check their website and have a close look at the feel of the site. Does it look professional? A lot of Spanish schools use their website as an online businesscard.
  • Make sure they are licensed as a company at the chamber of commerce, or even as an educational institute. A Spanish school will usually provide this information on their website. If not, send them an email and ask for their details. 
  • Send them an email. If they reply within a few days, it's usually a good sign.
  • Surf this website to see what previous students think about the Spanish school. You can find the reviews at the bottom of each page.
  • Expensive schools aren't always better schools
  • Email with representative of the Spanish school. Is he/ she easy to talk to?
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