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You are now looking at the most complete listing of Spanish schools in Ecuador on the web. If you had a hard time finding the right school for you, this list may help. Click on the name of the Spanish school to learn more about them. If you are not sure which Spanish school to pick, feel free to contact us, and we will give you independent advice based on your criteria.

Our school "ESTUDIO DE ESPANOL PICHIÑCHA" was established in May 1988 and the interior was completely renovated in September 2001. We have a capacity for about 50 students. We welcome students from all over the world and presently we are one of the best known language schools for foreigners in Quito. The school is located about 5 walking minutes away from the park El Ejido and about 15 minutes from the colonial part of Quito. We have about 30 teachers, highly qualified and flexible. Normally they rotate each week. So the students have a significant variety of experience, although they may as well choose to have the same teacher for a longer period.

Andean Study Programs is a service organization that custom designs top quality study abroad programs in Ecuador for American or European universities. We take a program in any discipline from its inception, through the design stage, to final completion. We think through every detail ahead of time so that from the moment students get off the plane in Ecuador, to their last goodbye, every experience is superb.

We specialize in Biology programs in the Galapagos and the Amazon Rainforest. We are experts in state of the art immersion Spanish programs with excellent home stays and superb experiences in Andean and Amazonian native communities.


Welcome to Academia de Español Surpacifico!, where you will enjoy learning Spanish in the relaxing, fun yet professional atmosphere. Learn Spanish in Ecuador. Our teachers are professionals with years of creative teaching experience.

If you want to lear1n and understand Spanish correctly in a relaxing and pleasant, yet professional atmosphere, come to SURPACIFICO SPANISH SCHOOL. Our Spanish Immersion program is approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and has Bildungsurlaub recognition for German students. The combination of tropical beaches, climate, and people who are warm and friendly by nature will make your stay unforgettable.


Our Spanish school offers refreshing Spanish immersion language classes in a relaxing beach atmosphere. Ecuador is famous for it's language schools, but Canoa offers a truly unique tutorial experience. One-on-one tutoring is available according to your own personal schedule, as you enjoy an unforgettable beach and cultural holiday.The BSC was the first (Spanish as a second language) institution opened in Baños. With more than 13 years of experience within Ecuador and Europe, the professional team at BSC offers interactive oral communications instruction with a personal touch. Conveniently located within short walking distance from the center of Baños.

Montanita Spanish School is based in the stunning beachside village of Montañita. We are right there, by the beach! Our School and lodge is constructed of eco friendly native bamboo, this is truly Ecuador at its best. Designed to harmonise with the environment, and using traditional native construction techniques, it really is stunning.

Our teachers are well qualified, and want you to make the most of your time learning Spanish. They are passionate about teaching, and will help you make the most of your abilities.


Teachers at LA LENGUA are specialists in teaching Spanish to foreigners. Each of our teachers has many years of experience. We aim for the highest standards of service and ensure these are maintained with our program of ongoing, in-house teacher training.

Each student receives private instruction and has the opportunity to change teachers every week to get to know different accents. Classes are available at various levels. To begin with, a student's knowledge of grammar and the spoken language is evaluated to determine which class they belong to. Our schedule is extremely flexible, you can start a course at any time.
Class time is devoted to vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, exercises, discussions and a test at the end of the class. The theme of discussions can be chosen by the students. Themes such as politics and economics as well as history of the country will be included.


The Otavalo Spanish Institute is located only 90 minutes from Quito. Otavalo is a city frequented by thousands of tourists yearly who come to visit its lakes and volcanoes, as well as the Indigenous Handicrafts Market that is known worldwide.

We are also conveniently located near many hotels, restaurants and shops. The institute offers a relaxed environment with experienced and capable instructors. Our system of instruction is based on methods determined by the ability of each student. Each level has its own textbooks and appropriate materials.

Mayra´s Spanish School was established in 1998 and is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ecuador.  The school is centrally located in Baños with modern facilities, including comfortable classrooms, a library, bathrooms and kitchen. We work to maintain an exceptionally friendly atmosphere where you will enjoy meeting students from all over the world.

Mayra´s Spanish School offers courses on all levels tailor-made for you.  Wedesign an individualized program for each student best suited to his or her time, needs and interests.

We are flexible.  Lessons are available mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends. Full or half day sessions can be arranged.  You can start any day of the week!

Our Spanish school offers refreshing Spanish immersion language classes in a relaxing beach atmosphere. Ecuador is famous for it's language schools, but Canoa offers a truly unique tutorial experience. One-on-one tutoring is available according to your own personal schedule, as you enjoy an unforgettable beach and cultural holiday.

Our Spanish School is one of only a handful of schools in the world which offer spanish lessons not only near a beach, but on the beach. This gives you a clear and attractive option to schools in large and hectic city environments. During your studies, you will stay at a small but modern Ecuadorian family-operated Inn on the beautiful pacific coast beach retreat of Canoa. Class hours are flexible and many out of class activities are available for those interested. You can visit local museums or archeological sites, or join any one of numerous ecotours available in the area. Try out surfing, horseback riding, or just relax on the beach. What other Spanish school requires suntan lotion as a prerequisite?


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