flag of Ecuador

The current flag of Ecuador was officially introduced on September 26, 1860.

What does it mean?

The red, green and blue are the colors of Francisco de Miranda, the South American revolutionist and adventurer. Yellow recalls the Federation of Greater Colombia, red means courage and blue symbolizes independence from Spain. The centered coat of arms is topped with a condor which protects the nation under his wings.

The flag of Ecuador is very similar to that of Colombia and Venezuela, which are also former members of Greater Colombia. The difference is that the Ecuadorean flag shows the condor on top of the three colors.

More information on historical flags of Ecuador can be found here .

Keyfacts about Ecuador


Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru

Capital: Quito

13,5 million

Time Zone:
GMT 5 hours

Ethnic groups:

Mestizo (mixed Ecuadorean and white) 65%, Indigenous 25%, Spanish and others 7%, black 3%

Roman Catholic 95%, other 5%

Spanish (official), indigenous languages (especially Quechua)

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