Basilica Del Voto National Recommended read

Sat within a spectacular Andean valley Quito is a city blessed with a spectacular topography. Taking advantage of the city´s location is easy with numerous breathtaking views over Quito to be found in everything from cable cars to monasteries. Arguably the most interesting views can be found at the Basilica Del Voto National.

Visible from all over the old town curiosity alone entices visitors to the largest gothic basilica in all of South America. Began in 1892, and still uncompleted, the Basilica is built to resemble Notre Dame in Paris. Although the Basilica has an interesting history, including being blessed by John Paul II in 1985, undoubtedly the reason most people visit is not to look at the Basilica, but to look out from the Basilica.

For only two dollars the Basilica´s easily accessible location within the Ciudad Viaje makes it the perfect place to gain an understanding of Quito. The Lonely Planet´s assertion that the Basilica Del Voto National is Quito´s “deadliest view” undoubtedly encourages backpackers to visit as well. This title is bestowed on the Basilica due to the somewhat scary nature of the climbs to the top of it´s towers.

The Basilica offers views in all directions over Quito from several different locations. From the first viewpoint, tame compared to what is to come, the entire historic centre is visible. From here the journey gets interesting as through a combination of a rickety causeway, platforms and ladders, two of the Basilica´s three towers can be scaled. The reward for these hair raising assents are the spectacular views that present themselves in all directions across the city. For those who find themselves a little shaky after the climbs or those who just can´t draw themselves away from the views, this church also boasts a gift shop and a not unreasonably priced restaurant. This restaurant itself has a great view over Quito and is perfect place to mull over the visit.

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