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Perhaps I should have expected this sooner or later. As a journalist and writer, my job is to go into the deepest regions of Ecuador and discover the reality of how people live.

It is needless to say a hunger I have for the world around me. One certainty that has been with me for a very long time and one that will be present indefinitely.

So into the Amazon jungle I went, a six hour bus ride from Quito and then a further one hour bus into the heart of the thicket brought me to a 200 meter long bridge over the river Napo. The bridge, made of wood and steal, shook as the bus load of people walked across. It was classic Indiana Jones territory and I occasionally glanced behind me to check if a 6ft rolling ball was coming up behind me.

I shall be writing a long article about everything I experienced here, but there was without doubt one thing that stood out. For an extra $10, they offer you a small shot of a plant that allows you to see into the future. You can read that back as many times as you like, but the fact remains the same.

Before I continue, I didn't have the guts to do it. I was told stories, however, that made me believe the 'power' of this drug. I was told not to call it that, but I can't think of another word. It takes 15 minutes to sink in, where you first of all are sick. This is not seen as 'dangerous' or indeed 'stupid' but in fact 'cleansical'.

They then describe it as having a TV screen put in front of you, where you just watch for a couple of hours whilst in the trance. A student said he saw his graduation before he graduated and a worker saw his girlfriend leave him before he left her.

There was one man, who had the power, so to speak, to see other people's future told me over a candlelit table that he saw me before I arrived at the community. An even more terrifying factor, was that he saw my presence as being a sign of success for the community.

After the drug wears off, you are supposedly 'drunk': unable to function, unable to speak. The next morning, however, you feel amazing remember what you have seen the previous night.

This is my journalistic life and these are the people I interview. Pulsating.

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