No Bar: A Pillar of Quito Nightlife

It is difficult to believe that less than 15 years ago, La Mariscal was a neighborhood like any other, because today it is a genuine pleasure island, where there is never a lack of nightlife, or "daylife", for that matter. Every phenomenon begins with a pioneer, though, and, in the case of La Mariscal, it was NO BAR that assumed the challenge. The bar is undoubtedly one of the few establishments that drove the explosion of multicultural activity and entertainment in this flourishing district.

The NO BAR was founded on the 10th of March, 1994 to appeal to a public that yearned for a place of fun, healthy entertainment, and dancing. The interior of NO BAR is characterized by its rustic feel. The cadence varies widely between salsa, reggaeton, latin pop, techno, hip hop, and American and European chart toppers. The DJs stand out for the perfection of their mixes and the freshness of their selections.

The bartenders transmit their energy to the patrons, converting them into true protagonists of the party. In sum, the NO BAR is an environment of warmth and friendship, where Ecuadorians and foreigners share experiences and make friends. Patrons will always have something to write home about after visiting, as NO BAR has seen the formation of acquaintanceships, friendships, love affairs, and even marriages. People move abroad or return to their countries, but whenever they are in Quito, they always go back to their favorite place: NO BAR.

In NO BAR, every day is a party. For this reason and for its pioneering origins, it has become an indisputable classic among Quiteño bars.


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