Puerto Lopez photoArriving in Puerto Lopez, the area seems more like a town under construction than a popular whale spotting destination. The bus station is fairly crowded and is situated opposite the only ATM in the town. This road is the main street and is part of the Route del Sol, named Machalilla. It is about a 10 minute walk to the beach side road, Melecon Julio Izurieta, which runs parallel to the high street, however, if you are laden with bags, or just plain lazy like me, there are a host of eager tuc tuc drivers clamouring for your business. Puerto Lopez oozes with laid back, chilled out charm. From the dusty tracks and town roads and sleepy souvenir stands to the bevvy of hardworking fisherman sitting upon their fishing boats, bobbing amongst the seabirds swooping for scraps, Puerto Lopez feels safe and homely and is a far cry from the beach party, theme park feel of Montanita.

Montanita Wandering along the endless white sand beach and between colourful cocktail stalls, the average visitor to Montanita will fall in love with theplace immediately.

Even without its much-lauded surfing opportunities, Montanita has more than its fair share to offer holidaymakers and travellers, with its vast arrayof coastal view bars and cheap hostels, set within naturally beautiful surroundings.

Guayaquil, with its higher-than-average unemployment and crime rates, has much in common with Liverpool, the underdog of England, and likewise it has more to offer the party seeker than one might imagine.

The waterfront Malecon 2000 and other tourist areas are well-patrolled by security guards, curbing the rumours that Guayaquil is more dangerous for visitors than capital city Quito, and a night out on the town offers any number of different types of music and company.

Costa Rica

Dani Left for Costa Rica yesterday. Its sad to see her go. Feel like my group of friends is slowly dwindling. We had an amazing send off, though it wasn't quite what we had originally planned.

Met early for drinks and appetizers at the fireside, one of my favorite martini bars. a few hours, gin martinis, purple haze's, cosmos, peach ladies and this really amazing smoked goat cheese appetizer later, we were ready to hit the town.

With parades, cries, processions and the process of urban regeneration, the city main port is ready to take centre stage for the city's biggest festival.

The classic topic "Guayaquil, warrior's" wood, he/she has transformed into the non alone hymn of the parties, but rather besides the union and the temper, characteristic of the citizens of this city.

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