Boats in EcuadorSince Ecuador is situated at the coast and has some very large rivers, a boat ride can be a nice way to get around. Especially in the rainforest a boat ride can get you to places you usually wouldn't be able to go.

What kind of boat trips can I take in Ecuador?

Boat trips in Ecuador usually don't take longer than a few hours. The only boat rides taking longer than that go very deep into the jungle, very often across the border of Peru to places like Inquito. These trips can take up to a few days, depending on the kind of boat you are getting on.

Some of the most common boat trips in Ecuador will take you up the Rio Napo or into the Cuyabeno Reserve. Alternatively, from the Esmeraldas province you can get on a boat to one of the many towns built on islands in the swamps.

Any of these boat rides are usually considered highlights of the travel experience in Ecuador. At the same time, getting on a boat to anywhere is usually a bit more expensive than any other form of transport, and is not really a fast way to get around.

So is it worth my money to go on a tour by boat in Ecuador?

When there is water, there will be a guy willing to take you in his boat to see some of the most beautiful sights of the area. It will always be a guess, some of these trips will get you to splendid places you will remember for the rest of your life. Other trips can end up being a terrible disaster, making you end up in the local sewer, motors breaking down or will last just 30 minutes. It really depends on the guides, the quality of their boats and their knowledge of the area.

Other ways to travel in Ecuador

  1. Bus
  2. Taxi
  3. Hitchhiking
  4. Planes
  5. Boats
  6. Trains
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