Quito reorganised the busterminals in 2009. The old busterminal near the old town of Quito has been demolished. Instead, Quito is now using two busterminals, one in the south and one in the north.

There are a lot of small busterminals as well, serving travellers who are going to major cities like Guayaquil and Cuenca. You can find these busterminals scattered around the city. Some of them just a few steps away from the Mariscal. If you are going to one of the smaller places in the country, you will have to go to the terminals in the north and south end of Quito.

Going to the north (terminal terrestre Carcelen) to Otavalo, Ibarra and the Colombian border

You will have to catch a bus in the small terminal in the north end of Quito (terminal terrestre Carcelen) to get to places north of Quito.  The terminal is about an hour away from the Mariscal. You can reach it by taxi (this will cost you about $10 USD) or get on the trole bus ($0,25). It will take you straight to the busterminal. Keep in mind that the trole bus can get very crowded. Read our section about safety in Ecuador to learn more. You can also walk up to 9 de octubre to catch a direct bus ($0,25 USD) to the northern busterminal. This bus is usually not very busy and a bit more comfortable than riding the trolley bus.

Going to the south, coast or the amazon region (terminal terrestre Quitumbe), to Cuenca, Guayaquil or Banos

If you are not travelling north, you will have to catch a bus in the busterminal in the south called ´terminal terrestre Quitumbe´. This brand new, well organised busterminal will be the starting point for a lot of travellers leaving Quito.

You can get to the busterminal by taxi (1.5 hours,$12.50 USD), but for most backpackers this may be a bit expensive. You can also use the public transport system to get to the terminal. The Trole bus and the Metro bus both have direct connections to the large busterminal. These busses get very crowded, so make sure to keep your eyes on your belongings. In the future, the Ecovia will be connected to both busterminals as well.

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