The only currency you can pay with in Ecuador is the US dollar. The Ecuadorean Sucre is no longer accepted anywhere in Ecuador.

How much money should I take? 

You can never have too much money when you're travelling. Still, if you want to travel in Ecuador on just a little bit of money, it is certainly possible. Make sure you have about a hundred dollars on you when arriving, as this will last a budget traveller about a week. Don't bring a hundred dollar bill though. There's a good chance a lot of people you want to pay have never seen one before and certainly won't have change for one. Small bills will be worth a lot more in Ecuador.

How should I carry my money? 

You can bring cash, credit card, debit card or Traveller's Cheques. You can use them all in Ecuador. The best thing to do is bring a combination of plastic and cash. They are generally more accepted than Traveller's Cheques. It also saves you a lot of waiting time in banks trying to exchange your Traveller's Cheques. You can use any ATM in Ecuador with either a Plus or Cirrus debit card to withdraw cash.

Where should I put my money?

  • If you have a moneybelt, use it. Eventhough any selfrespecting robber knows you have one, at least pickpocketing is out of the question.
  • Make sure not to take all of your money with you. Leave some at the hostel (or even better in the bank) and divide it up into several places on your body.
  • A wallet is about the first thing that will be stolen in a big city or bus terminal.

The exchange rate American US dollar to Ecuadorean US dollar

You might think that just because the same president is smiling at you from your dollar bill, it has the same value. It doesn't. In Ecuador you can do a lot more with the same dollar than you can ever do in the United States. A cup of coffee in the States costs about as much as four meals in Ecuador. A good reason to splurge every now and then while you are in Ecuador.


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