The costs of travelling around Ecuador are the main reason for a lot of people to avoid going to Ecuador and only travel around other South American countries. The truth is that travelling in Ecuador is just as cheap as the other countries, it just depends on how you like to travel. If you want to travel more comfortably and use airplanes and excursions booked at travel agencies, prices can increase rapidly. But if you are an independent traveller not looking for expensive trips, your time in Ecuador won't be very expensive.

On this page you will find some of the costs you might run into while travelling in Ecuador. If you are able to travel on a tight budget, this is what you can expect. Prices are stated in the Ecuadorean national currency, the American dollar.


  • Dormbed $5,00
  • Single room, with private bathroom $10,00
  • Double room, with private bathroom $14,00


  • Travelling by bus around Ecuador is not only a responsible way of travelling, it is also very cheap. You will pay about a dollar for each hour you sit in a bus. If you choose to take a slightly more luxureous bus (like Panamericana) the costs might go up slightly. International busses, for instance to Peru, are a lot more expensive.
  • Internal flights in Ecuador are available and can save you a lot of time. A flight from Quito to Guayaquil will cost you about $50,00 and takes only 30 minutes. Realise that you are polluting the environment by using this kind of transport.

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  • A standard plate of food like a breakfast (desayuno) or a lunch (almuerzo) is available from $1,50 USD and will fill you up very well. Lunch is being considered the main meal in Ecuador and usually includes soup, main course, desert and a fresh fruit juice.
  • A snack like a burger or a slice of pizza costs about $1,00 USD
  • A western-style breakfast with everything included in a touristy place costs about $2,75 USD
  • A big western-style lunch or dinner is available from $3,00 USD

For more information about the Ecuadorean cuisine, click here.


Like in many places around the world the price of a drink or the entrance fee to a blub or bar depends a lot on the kind of places you like to visit. That's why the following prices can easily increase with 200%.

  • Beer: $1,50
  • Cocktail: $1,50 - $5,00
  • Sigarettes: $2,00 for a pack
  • Entrance to a club: $2,00 - $20,00 (free entrance happens a lot, especially for ladies)
  • Taxi's are a little bit more expensive during the night than during the day, but are easy to find in the areas where people like to go out. Prices usually start at $3,00 USD on a Saturday night.
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