Moving Ecuador is fully committed to promoting a responsible way of travel that is supportive of local economies, cultures and the environment.

We have devoted this part of the website to responsible tourism in Ecuador. If you want to know more about Ecuador and how to get to the most beautiful and authentic travel destinations in Ecuador, please continue reading this section.

What is responsible tourism? 

Responsible tourism is about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment and truly appreciating the place you are in. Responsible tourism isn't a more difficult or expensive way of travelling, it just requires a different mindset. It requires a certain amount of consideration and appreciation of the destination you are travelling to, something that is often ignored in traditional types of tourism.

So if you are interested in more than just sitting on a beach and drinking a beer and you want to learn, appreciate and discover more about the destination you are visiting, responsible tourism is the best way to go.

Responsible tourism is about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment and truly appreciating the place you are in.

Consider the huge impact tourism has on the environment and local economies. Turning that impact into something positive that allows the right people and the environment to benefit from tourism is an incredible challenge, but certainly worth the effort.

In Ecuador responsible tourism is booming. More and more indigenous people believe responsible may provide them with a sustainable income, without making any compromises in terms of giving up pieces of their own culture or environment and start their own community based tourism project. Other projects with a strong focus on protecting the environment are being developed in all areas of the Ecuador.

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What you can do

If you want to be a responsible traveller, please read our responsible travel tips. There are very easy ways to become a responsible traveller, which will also make you enjoy your journey a lot more!

  • Pick your travel destinations carefully. Don't just go to the hot spots you read about in guidebooks. Try something different, be adventurous!
  • Visit the protected national parks in Ecuador. The country has protected a lot of their natural resources and partly depend on the financial support of visiting tourists.
  • Don't believe the hype: read our myths about responsible tourism.

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